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Family Lawn and Landscape LLC is a professional team of landscaping experts focused exclusively on lawn mowing, pavers, retaining walls, new lawn installation, shrub and flower bed installations, lawn fertilizing, spring and fall cleanups. We service Antigo, Bass Lake, Clintonville, Eagle River, Elcho, Keshena, Legend Lake, Merrill, Minoqua, Pearson, Pickerel, Rhinelander, Schofield, Shawano, Three Lakes, Summit Lake, Wausau, and Weston, Wisconsin.

Tick Control Services

Help Protect Against Lyme Disease with Professional Tick Control

Ticks are not just a nuisance, but they carry dangerous diseases such as lyme disease. According to the CDC, lyme disease and other tickborne diseases are increasing. Don’t hesitate, hire the professionals at Family Lawn and Landscape to rid your property of these ticks. Our effective tick barrier protects you from biting, disease carrying ticks.

Lyme Disease is No Joke!

People who get Lyme Disease can become debilitated and wheel chair bound (in extreme cases). Your pet can die from this disease also.

Ask our professionals to determine regular tick treatment and size of your property.

Merrill Tick Control Services near me

Season-Long Tick Control for Merrill

Our highly recommended tick control treatment programs will get optimal protection for your animals and family. This treatment requires continued maintenance to keep your yard free from ticks, and it is safer for your family.

Tick-Borne Viruses and Diseases

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is transmitted through the infected ticks bit. Symtoms of Lyme disease include fever, headache, fatigue, skin rash, and lesions. If untreated it can spread to joints, the heart and nervous system. Steps to prevent Lyme disease includes removing ticks from your yard and areas you walk or hang out. With our tick control treatments we can rid your yard of the majority of ticks that could carry Lyme disease.

For more information on Lyme Disease click here.

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